Evolution of Spatial Structures During Magnetization Switching in Single-Domain Particles: A Numerical Study

R. A. Ramos, P. A. Rikvold, and M. A. Novotny

In Physical Phenomena at High Magnetic Fields II, edited by Z. Fisk, L. Gor'kov, D. Meltzer, and R. Schrieffer (World Scientific, Singapore, 1996), pp. 380-385.


We report a Monte Carlo study of the kinetics of domain growth in the two-dimensional, ferromagnetic Ising model following reversal of the applied field. This model is currently being used to study magnetization switching in nanoscale ferromagnetic single particles. Numerical results in the multidroplet region are obtained for the relaxation function of the metastable phase, as well as for the non-equilibrium correlation and structure functions. The results are compared against a standard theory describing the evolution of domain structures in a system with one ground state and nonconserved order parameter, following a quench through a first-order phase transition. We find a time regime during which there is good quantitative agreement between theory and simulations, and the two-point correlation function exhibits two-parameter scaling.

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